(Luke 24:5-6.  Why do you search for the Living One among the dead?  He is not here; he has been raised up.)

(1 Thessalonians 5: 21.  Test everything; retain what is good.)



The author of this website is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (F.S.A.) and worked more than thirty years as an actuary before his retirement.  He continues to do mortality/longevity studies for fun and is shown in a recent digital photo that was taken of his 1959 high school graduation picture, which in turn serves to accompany his early memoirs, Memoirs of an Ordinary American Catholic as a Young Man.

http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/IMG_0672.jpg   to see the photo.

http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/memoirs.html   to read the memoirs.



This website is labeled Ordinary because the author is not a public person or celebrity.


http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/img_2430.jpg .

A photo of a street scene on a typical day in Brooklyn, New York, Park Slope area, 9th Street and 5th Avenue, close to where I live taken on August 6, 2008, around 10:45 a.m.  A billboard encourages us to stay fit for life.  This kind of scene is probably repeated on many street corners in many cities throughout the world every day.  There does not appear to be anything out of the ordinary, and yet when you look closer and think about what we know, then you realize that what is happening here and elsewhere on earth is very much out of the ordinary in the known universe.



I am knighted a member of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Eastern Lieutenancy of the United States, by Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on November 23, 2013.  This is a strong indication that God has a sense of humor.



This website is labeled American because the author is a citizen of the United States of America.


http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/img_1955.jpg .

Theodore Roosevelt’s mother, Martha, and his first wife, Alice, both died on the same day, February 14, 1884 and are buried in the Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn, NY Roosevelt plot where today it is difficult to read the weathered inscriptions on their monuments.  Theodore Roosevelt. thought his life was “lived out” and retreated from New York to the Dakota Badlands, but two years later he married his childhood sweetheart.  He was elected governor of New York, and Vice-President of the United States, and then in 1901 became President when William McKinley was assassinated.  History remains more interesting and surprising than works of fiction.


http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/img_1954.jpg .

Battle Hill, Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY is rich in early American history.  On these hills the American army of George Washington was defeated by the British on August 27, 1776, but subsequently aided by darkness and an early morning fog, Washington and his remaining army escaped into Manhattan and fled.  There are also 5,000 veterans of the American Civil War buried in Green-Wood including 18 generals, and the Soldiers’ Monument on the right honors those who fought in that conflict.



This website is labeled Catholic because the author approaches God through the Roman Catholic Church.


 http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/img_2247.jpg .

A photo of the Statue of Liberty in the New York Harbor as seen from Battle Hill, Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY April 26, 2008 around 3 p.m.  A bird flies freely in the air on a beautiful spring day.  This cemetery is beautiful in design and landscape.  Here the hope of Christian resurrection and the Transcendentalism notion of God as a benevolent and mystical force present in nature come together in harmony and serenity.


http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/img_1.jpg .

A photo taken on July 15, 2014 of the recently restored altar designed around 1880 by famed American architect James Renwick Jr. and now located at Holy Name of Jesus Roman Catholic Church, Brooklyn, NY.  The small red light signals the Real Presence of Jesus in the Tabernacle.


Table of Contents:


(1) 2022 Calendar-American history, Catholic feast days (66 pages)                                  http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/today.html   

(What happened on this day?)

(If you want Good News, open the New Testament)


(2) Purpose of life (1 page)                                                                                                     http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/purposeoflife.html


(3) Opportunity to educate at a Food Pantry (1 page)                                                            http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/foodpantry.html


(4) An understanding of sexual desire (1 page)                                                                      http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/sexualdesire.html 


(5.1) Miracles falsify philosophical materialism (2 pages)                                                    http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/miraclesfalsifymaterialism.html


(5.2) Design and Contingency/ Purpose and Chance (1 page)                                              http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/purposeandchance.html


(5.3) The case for God’s existence in 14 words (1 page)                                                        http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/philosophical.html


(6) Philosophy – a shortened deductive proof of God’s existence (Lonergan, 1992)        (1 page)             



(7) Mathematics – a proof of the Basel Problem (Euler, 1735) (2 pages)                            http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/basel.html


(8.1) Hollywood – a mortality study of actors (surprising high mortality ratios

for actresses 1965-1994; more than expected centenarians; live fast, die

young - no; Contingencies Magazine, May-June 2016, p.36)                                                http://www.contingencies.org/older-issues/


(8.2) Mortality experience of veterans (American Civil War – comparisons

with other wars; Contingencies Magazine, July-August 2015, p.32)                                     http://www.contingencies.org/older-issues/


(8.3) Green-Wood Cemetery Mortality Studies (2 pages)                                                   http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/mortalitystudies.html


(8.4) Measurement of Mortality Experience of MLB and NFL Players

Mortality experience of major-league baseball players

and National Football League players (5 pages)                                                                    http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/mlbnfl.html


(9) Begin Social Security at the normal retirement age or age 70? (1 page)                        http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/ssnra70.html


(10) Baseball - World Series appearances and records by franchise (5 pages)

National and American League Championship Series appearances, Divisional and Wild Card appearances  and records (8 pages);             http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/worldserieschampions.html

 (World Series and baseball results are seldom presented in this format)


(11) Chess - One of my own favorite tournament games (2 pages)                                       http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/cclny.html

(game played in CCLNY, Commercial Chess League of NY)


(12) Sites for reporting CCLNY results (2018-2019 season)        




See later seasons 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22 results at https://ccl-ny.com


(13) How to solve difficult Sudoku puzzles (two files: small book ©)                                 http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/sudoku1.html                                                                                                                           http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/sudoku2.html


(14) Move by move description of one Axis and Allies game (19 pages)                            http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/axisallies.html


(15) A speculative fiction short story on the Cold War (7 pages)                                        http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/voices.html


(16) Puns (1 page)                                                                                                                  http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/puns.html


(17) Speculative Thoughts                                                                                                    http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/speculations.html


(18) Rome Sept. 2011                                                                                                            http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/rome2011.html


   diagram associated with dream in Rome                                                                             http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/img_1956.jpg


(19) Inequality Study USA                                                                                                   http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/inequality.html


(20) Will lifespans double?                                                                                                   http://ordinaryamericancatholic.com/lifespans.html


Email address to contact the author:  ordinaryamericancatholic@yahoo.com